Thursday, June 25, 2015

Identity Crisis

I've been on two different overseas holidays since my last post. And even when I've just stayed put in the country, I've still taken a lot of pics.

"But Dan, if you've been taking pics, how come you're not posting it here on your site?"

Good question, Timmy. I guess I'm overwhelmed with all the different options when it comes to sharing my photos. I don't always feel like writing something and sometimes I just want to upload a bunch of pics somewhere.

"So just go with Flickr and be done with it!"

I'm still undecided. Do I treat my Flickr page like a portfolio page? Or a travel blog? Or something else entirely? I don't know. Maybe I'll post about my travels here. I've started using Google Photos so I'll have to see how that can work for me. I have to think things through.

"So how were your recent overseas trips?"

FANTASTIC! I went to the Philippines in February to celebrate my wife's birthday and our 10 year anniversary. I haven't gone through my photos yet so no photos to post here. Then in April I went to Chicago to attend the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) and the Indie Comix Expo (ICE) but mainly to hang out with friends. I was only there for 5 days but we were able to cram a lot of fun and laughter in those 5 days. Check out the links below for my Chicago pics.

Chicago | C2E2 | ICE

Below is a pic from our lunch on Saturday, April 25. We saw a mouse in the restaurant, it was fun!

That's me on the far right!

"You said you've been taking other photos?"

Well mostly just food pics and whatever silly thing I see while out and about. Check out my Instagram page for those.

Recently though, we took some friends to my home town of Wollongong and we got to do the touristy thing and that was fun. I was just there last week actually for some family matters but I was able to take some sunrise photos at the beach (that photo above was from my recent visit). That's something which I enjoyed doing back when I lived in Wollongong. I've since gone through my old photos and pulled out some pics I took back then. Please have a look at this Flickr album for my Wollongong photos.

There I am taking a selfie of my self by controlling my Sony RX100M2 via the PlayMemories app on the phone.

And there's the usual pics around Sydney. I have a lot more that aren't in that album, I'll have to do an update. The photo below was taken this time last month during a Wednesday day off from work. Nice way to spend the day.

"How's your cat? What's her name again? Something about a famous biologist?"

Archaeologist! And her name is INDY! She's doing great. She's a lot more comfortable with us and her home. I never not enjoy coming home from work and having her greet me when I walk in.

See this Flickr album for my pics of Indy. I haven't updated it in a while though so maybe I should do that. I HAVE SO MANY INDY PICS!

Eat dat paper!

In other cat news, there's been a possibly stray cat that's been hanging around our garage. We've never actually seen it (although I saw a cat that was hanging around near out building and going through the trash, it could've been the same cat) but we noticed some paw prints on our car. This weekend we put some cat food in the garage (food that Indy doesn't want to eat) and the mystery cat has been eating it. I'll post pics if I actually see it.

"I heard you got a new car? How's that going?"

How did you hear about that? Are you a mind reader?

"Dude, I'm you."

Oh, right. Yeah, I got a 1991 Mazda MX-5. But let's rewind a bit...

I sold my old 1996 Honda Civic back in November for $2250. I had her for 14 years which seems like a lifetime considering all the things that has happened in my life since 2000. She never let me down and she always took me where I needed to go. Can't ask for more than that. The family that bought her were good people so that made me feel better about selling it.

After selling the Civic, I thought about my options and I kept looking at MX-5s but I wasn't comfortable paying $6000 or more for a car that was almost as old (or in some cases, older) than my Civic. After looking around for one for months, I was able to find an MX-5 in March for $2300. The seller lived in Clovelly which is very close to where I live but strangely enough, I've never been there. I love the place and have since gone back there quite a bit.

So the MX-5 only cost me $50 more than my old car! Sure, it's an older car and has more kms but it's in pretty good condition and it's a convertible! Plus it came with the hard top which is a few hundred on its own. I never not have a big grin on my face when driving it.

"So are we good? Can I go now?"

Yeah yeah. I'll have a think about my options and hopefully decide on something soon. I have been feeling more energised to not just take photos but to push myself that extra bit more. And also to actually display my photos somewhere instead of them just living inside my hard drive. Hopefully I can maintain this feeling.

"Don't you think it's weird that you have to do these Q&A type posts with yourself to help you sort out your problems?"

Now that you mention it...

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