Wednesday, October 1, 2014

This is why I haven't been posting

NEW CAT! Okay that's a bit unfair. It's mainly due to laziness that I haven't been posting. And it's partially because of the colder weather (this seems to happen every year, I become less active during winter). I'm actually posting now because of the new cat.

A couple of weeks ago, my wife's friend and the friend's housemate (a vet at the St George Animal Hospital) told us that they had two cats that were about to be put down. They felt really bad and were hoping to find a nice home for them so we went for a visit on Saturday, September 20. We liked her a lot and we ended up adopting her a couple of days later on September 22.

Her name is Indy Baker. Indy (short for Indiana Jones) because she loves to explore and Baker because she likes to knead things. She's friendly and affectionate and loves to be around us which is great. Plus I like how I'm able to test out my various cameras and lenses on her.

Below are some photos of her during her first week and a bit with us. More pics are available at my flickr site.

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