Monday, February 17, 2014

Let's try this again...

Canon EOS 300D & 18-55mm. Date taken: 2008-11-13.

In the beginning... No wait, that sounds weird.

I started off with a Wordpress site which went through a couple of overhauls but it never seemed quite right. I like it as a portfolio page (it may end up becoming as that depending how this goes) but it didn't have the sense of immediacy that a blog has.

Update Nov 9, 2014: Wordpress site is now gone. I've cancelled hosting and the domain name now points to this site.

I then set up a Tumblr page which looked nice enough and it had that sense of immediacy as well as being able to connect with others. But I was never satisfied with how posts were composed. It felt limiting, like it only really wanted you to post a pic and a brief description then you gotta move on. It's kind of a pain too going back to old posts and making edits. I haven't touched it for a year and I'm not even sure if I'll return to that, maybe I'll just hit the self destruct button on it.

During all this, Instagram decided to make user pics viewable on an internet browser so I dusted off my old Instagram account and decided to post more on there. But it's not really a proper site and I mostly post pics taken using my phone or pics that aren't the artsy fartsy variety.

I also had an old Flickr account that I never used but after learning that they increased the storage limit quite a bit, I thought I'd give it another go. I'm still trialling it, not sure what purpose (if any) it'll serve in the long run.

So here we are to my new Blogger page. If my previous sites are any indication, I'll be excited about this initially and post quite a bit then neglect it for months/years. Hopefully that doesn't happen but you never know.

Canon EOS 40D & 24-105mm f4 L. Date taken: 2008-11-07.

The two photos in this post are a couple of high dynamic range (HDR) photos I've taken around Sydney. I was talking to a friend about HDR photography last week and I remembered these. The first one featuring the Sydney skyline was taken during sunset and the one directly above is the Opera House at sunrise.

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