Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Review: Rainbow S4.8mm f1.8 on a Pentax Q

I recently did a review of the Spacecom H3.5mm f1.6 lens and you can pretty much copy whole sections from that review paste it here. I'll be doing some of that so you may get a sense of déjà vu if you've read that other review. Both are C-mount lenses designed to be used on CCTV cameras and there are a lot of similarities between the two, from their strengths, their weakneses and my approach to shooting with them.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Review: Pentax Q & 01 Standard Prime Lens (8.5mm f1.9)

This review was originally posted on my tumblr blog towards the end of November 2012. I did not originally plan to write as much as I ended up writing but I guess I had quite a bit to say about the camera and lens combo.

When I bought it I thought I'd try it out, take some nice pics, take it to a holiday or two, then sell it and hopefully make a bit of a profit. Even if I don't make any money from the sale, I thought I wouldn't lose too much since I got it for a good price.

Here we are, 1.25 years later and I'm still loving it. These days I mainly use it to shoot with C-mount lenses that I can't use on my Micro Four Thirds cameras. I'm too cheap to buy a proper fisheye lens but I have a nice Kowa CCTV lens that works pretty well as a fisheye lens on the Q. I don't use the 01 Standard Prime all that much these days but when I do, I continue to be amazed at the image quality even though the sensor is small compared to my other cameras. 

Reading this old review again, I find myself disagreeing with some of the things I've written and I must say that I like this camera a lot more now than I did back then. I really didn't think I'd be with the Q system this long but I'm actually now interested in adding the Pentax Q7 to my collection which has a slightly larger sensor than the Q and the Q10.

Anyway, on with the review!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Melbourne Sights: Pentax Q & 01 Standard Prime Lens (8.5mm f1.9)

This was originally posted on my tumblr blog on November 2012. Photos were taken between November 19-20, 2012.

I had a really fun time shooting with this combo during our 3 day trip to Melbourne. Very easy to use and it’s super small so you can bring it along even when you’re shooting with another camera (which I was). Plus the size meant that people don’t notice it too much when you’re taking pics with it. Although everyone and their dog was out shooting with a DSLR in Melbourne (which I really liked) so being noticed wasn’t too much of an issue. I think people over there are used to it by now.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Review: Spacecom H3.5mm f1.6 on a Pentax Q

Just a bit of a disclaimer before I get started since this is the first of these kinds of reviews on this new blog of mine (although I may eventually transfer some of my older reviews over).

I don't do proper reviews. Or maybe I can't. At least not in the way that other reviews do with all the comparison pics and test charts and whatnot. I'm not a very technical photographer. I grab my gear and take it for a spin. Then I post pics and my thoughts on how it feels to shoot with it and what I thought of the pics. If I'm interested enough then sure, I may do some further in depth testing. But I usually don't.

Okay, let's do this. Spacecom is a company that makes CCTV lenses for surveillance cameras. Those cameras don't usually require super perfect lenses since they'll mainly be used for video and not even artsy type videos at that. Just surveillance. Keeping an eye on your property, making sure no one's doing anything suspicious and hopefully identifying them if they are doing suspicious stuff, etc. So keep that in mind as you read more of this post.

Spacecom seems to have a huge lens line up and they may even have lenses that perform well on digital stills cameras. I'd love to get my hands on some of their other lenses especially their f0.95 lenses. But just so I don't waste anyone's time, I will say now that if you're after a high quality lens that's sharp across the frame, you may want to stop reading.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Let's try this again...

Canon EOS 300D & 18-55mm. Date taken: 2008-11-13.

In the beginning... No wait, that sounds weird.

I started off with a Wordpress site which went through a couple of overhauls but it never seemed quite right. I like it as a portfolio page (it may end up becoming as that depending how this goes) but it didn't have the sense of immediacy that a blog has.

Update Nov 9, 2014: Wordpress site is now gone. I've cancelled hosting and the domain name now points to this site.

I then set up a Tumblr page which looked nice enough and it had that sense of immediacy as well as being able to connect with others. But I was never satisfied with how posts were composed. It felt limiting, like it only really wanted you to post a pic and a brief description then you gotta move on. It's kind of a pain too going back to old posts and making edits. I haven't touched it for a year and I'm not even sure if I'll return to that, maybe I'll just hit the self destruct button on it.

During all this, Instagram decided to make user pics viewable on an internet browser so I dusted off my old Instagram account and decided to post more on there. But it's not really a proper site and I mostly post pics taken using my phone or pics that aren't the artsy fartsy variety.

I also had an old Flickr account that I never used but after learning that they increased the storage limit quite a bit, I thought I'd give it another go. I'm still trialling it, not sure what purpose (if any) it'll serve in the long run.

So here we are to my new Blogger page. If my previous sites are any indication, I'll be excited about this initially and post quite a bit then neglect it for months/years. Hopefully that doesn't happen but you never know.

Canon EOS 40D & 24-105mm f4 L. Date taken: 2008-11-07.

The two photos in this post are a couple of high dynamic range (HDR) photos I've taken around Sydney. I was talking to a friend about HDR photography last week and I remembered these. The first one featuring the Sydney skyline was taken during sunset and the one directly above is the Opera House at sunrise.